Top 10 Goolge Extensions

It’s 2017 and every classroom should not only be using but integrating technology. Unfortunately, many classrooms are still dragging behind. An easy way to simplify tech in the classroom is using Google Extensions within the Chrome browser. All of these fantastic tools can be downloaded in the Chrome Web Store   Here is a list of my top 10 extensions for the classroom:


Read&Write for Google is a must have tool. First, Texthelp is an awesome company located on Unicorn Drive so you already know it’s legit. This tool is great for your struggling readers, second language learners, and pretty much any student. Texthelp offers a free trial of their premium version which provides many extended features. If you’re an educator you get a free premium account because they love educators that much! This extension allows for read alouds, speech to text, picture dictionaries and much more. Download it now Google Web Store  or visit their site


Screencastify offers a great recording tool right in your Chrome browser. My students use screencastify on a daily basis. It is a great tool for a quick flipped lesson. A must have recording extension in Chrome!




Grammarly got me through grad school and that’s no lie. This extension provides a grammar and spell check right in your Chrome browser. You can download it for Word to quickly edit any documents.




Google Tone quickly sends links to all surrounding devices with tone enabled. I can quickly share a link to a page I am wanting my students to view using Google Tone. My students also use tone to share great resources they find with one another.




Alice Keeler created quickshare screenshot and my students and I use it on the daily. Take a quick screenshot or partial shot and it saves directly to your drive.





Thank you,  Justin Schleider for sharing MoveIt with me. My students and I get a reminder every fifteen minutes to get up and Move It. This is a must have to get your blood flowing and brain engaged!






Another genius idea from Alice Keeler. Instead of having to go into sharing setting when your students or others can not access your doc you simply click this extension and boom they have access!






 AdBlockPlus has been a lifesaver for me. My students no longer see the pesky ads that come up while they are visiting websites. This extension has saved me from many “I’m sorry you son saw an overweight lady in a bikini in a weight loss ad” conversations.



Google Keep is AMAZING. I am an avid Android user and have been using Google Keep on my phone for years. Now I can use it directly from chrome! Save Tweets, websites, notes, and much more with Google Keep

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