Tickets, okay but…

I was scrolling through my photos today and found this – my favorite video of all time. I met my little buddy here in my second year of teaching third grade. I was just figuring out third grade and the brilliance of the kids. We began diving into PBL and kids like Ewan began to LOVE learning. What hits me the most with this video is his response to me asking if he’d buy tickets to my classroom. The response may have hurt other teachers feelings but not mine, to me it was perfect. Many of our learners would have never “bought tickets” to our class, or to school period. Him letting me know that he would, even if he wouldn’t come, meant I was making an impact on him.

Relationships are the key to successful learning.

As the year progressed this little guy “became famous” as he would say while asking if you wanted his autograph all because of the relationship we had and his comfort in PBL. His “fame” came when he read a time for kids article that truly struck something inside of him. He loved to draw and began making a comic about clean water in Africa. He was no stranger to social media and global connections as we had made a goal to connect with many people that year. He asked that I tweet his picture out, I did and tagged Time for Kids. The next morning we had a like and a retweet from Time for Kids, he was thrilled and exclaimed “I’m famous, y’all” to the whole school.

Memories like this remind me we must always be vigilant of the impact a simple caring relationship has on one’s learning and success. Because of our relationship, I think this guy would not only buy tickets to my class, I think he’d show up too – if not just to give autographs! 🙂

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