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Today’s students experience an ever-changing learning environment. They are immersed in technology in almost all aspects of their lives. I maintain a challenging atmosphere by creating a classroom culture where students feel safe taking risks, failing, and reflecting without judgment to find their own successes.

I inspire my students to build a positive digital footprint by teaching them how to utilize technology to prepare them for their future. I challenge my students to use tech tools that are new to them in innovative ways. Students showcase their work as a class on digital platforms such as blogging, twitter, padlet, and youtube.

Kassidi skypes with Kameron to not miss a lesson while absent.

I believe it is important for students to not only connect with classmates, but also to connect outside the walls of our classroom. Many of our students have not explored outside their local community. With the use of technology, we have connected to other classrooms, experts, business professionals, and community officials around the world.

By teaching through project based learning, my students are engaged and stimulated to try new experiences and build new skillsets. They are now so proficient at utilizing technologies like Skype that one student even called while absent so she would not miss a math lesson and could assist her classmates. As students leave my classroom they are comfortable with technology and prepared for their future in a global community.

    Justin says:
    April 17, 2015 Reply

    I agree that students need to connect within and beyond the walls of their school. Your resources are awesome! I will have to check out padlet.

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