Edcamp Edumatch

Those of you who know me know I love professional learning. Another love of mine is EduMatch, the educational matchmaker. No, not like that you’re not going to meet the love of your life – well maybe, but that is not the mission of EduMatch. EduMatch connects like minded educators and honestly not only changed my career but also my life. I  was one of the OG’s in the beginning years of EduMatch. From the EduMatch Voxer group, I met some of my dearest friends who have experienced my life events with me from a divorce, back surgery, the loss of my best friend, and many celebrations such as my new job and falling in love. I talk to these people on the daily and it is all thanks to Sarah Thomas and Edumatch.

With all that said from one of those late night Voxer conversations, Edcamp EduMatch was born. An all out online Edcamp. Going three years strong Edcamp Edumatch continues to amaze me with all the new ideas and growth on each participants PLN (Personal Learning Network).  This year did not disappoint, I saw a few familiar faces through the virtual platform and also met many new members of my PLN. Matt Frattali and I met and began following one another following an Edcamp Edumatch discussion in 2016, he showed up again with his contagious passion for educational technology. Dan Kreiness and my ISTE 2017 Alamo tour buddy  Dave Horan were also in attendance and shared an ample deal of knowledge. During the Edcamp I jotted down tools and ideas being shared on a Google Keep, which if you are not using you need to be. There are many great ways to use Keep in the classroom including PBL organization, to do list, reference organization, the ideas are endless. Keep is shareable and collaborative, has date, time, and LOCATION reminders (HOW COOL IS THAT!), and many other awesome features. It is one of my favorite tools. Needless to say, Edcamp EduMatch was AWESOME as always. You don’t want to miss Edcamp EduMatch next time. 

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